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The Thinking Like A Leader Program was specifically designed to accelerate development of the precise leadership skills required for organizational improvement and change.

Thinking Like A Leader module is focused on building a key skill area required for exceptional leadership. And while each module complements the others, each is also a stand-alone course.

From the beginning of each module, students use powerful and proven approaches integrating hard and soft skills on their own real world situations. Each module is rich in theory, tools, application and feedback. Afterwards, students are supported by three months of complementary coaching in applying their new
Thinking Like A Leader skills.

The bottom line is that the
Thinking Like A Leader program produces better leaders faster and that your ROI will actually begin in the classroom.

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Additional Information

  • The Thinking Like A Leader Program is designed to optimally follow the above sequence. It can be conducted module-by-module or in five continuous days. When booked as a continuous five day curriculum the per student tuition is discounted to $2,200.
  • The Thinking Like A Leader Program is generally offered in closed sessions with students from a single company present due to the often sensitive nature of the situations discussed and solutions developed during each class.
  • The Thinking Like A Leader Program or its modules are excellent for company off-sites but can be conducted on-site if the classroom is sufficiently private and free of interruptions.
  • Class sizes are limited to 20 students due to the highly interactive nature of each module.
  • The minimum tuition for a closed session is the same as for an eight student class.
  • Coach class air, car, hotel and meal expenses for the instructor of closed sessions will be covered by the hosting company.
  • Programs can be customized, if need be, to accommodate your time constraints.
My simple guarantee: You must feel you have received an outstanding course of immediate value to your company or else your tuition is free.